Ignoring the timer error you have spotted, can I suggest you do this with your script

#TheArkive.Scriptnamehere.Server.Alias.Group on
server {
  .timerCID.NETWORKS.RELIST -i 0 0 cid.networks.relist
  .disable #TheArkive.Scriptnamehere.Server.Alias.Group
  server $1-
  .enable #TheArkive.Scriptnamehere.Server.Alias.Group
#TheArkive.Scriptnamehere.Server.Alias.Group end

This well allow any other /SERVER alias to also handle any action it needs to do in customizing mirc.
While the help file says if u call a command from within an alias of the same name it well run the orginal command, that isnt strictly true, it well not run the SAME alias, and as there can be only one functional alias of any command at any one time, it then jumps to the orginal command. However If u disable the group your alias is in, and a NEW alias becomes active then that alias well be run.

#davec.example1.join.alias.group on
alias join {
  echo -s join alias1 starts
  join $1-
  echo -s join alias1 ends
#davec.example1.join.alias.group end
#davec.example2.join.alias.group on
alias join {
  echo -s join alias2 starts
  join $1-
  echo -s join alias2 ends
#davec.example2.join.alias.group end

now if u join a channel you well see
join alias1 starts
join alias2 starts
(channel is joined in here)
join alias2 ends
join alias1 ends