I know what you mean, but I only use that one instance to modify the action of the /server command, and then I put:

server $1-

so that the /server command still executes as needed in the original manner.

It works perfectly as an event, and maybe could be used as a remote in the future for events of OPEN and CLOSE of a status window???

I have had trouble in the past of using the OPEN and CLOSE remotes to record status windows. I can't remember the exact details on my troubles though...

Is there any telling what kind of problems I should expect (according to history?) from calling alias named X from inside command named X? So far this one instance seems to be perfect.

Is there any other way to record "Status Window" events that is not against how mIRC scripting is supposed to be used? Maybe I used OPEN and CLOSE events incorrectly? I recall that OPEN and CLOSE is only for querries, dcc chats, fserves, and custom windows mostly. There is also *, and it can support Status windows, but seems to be inconsistent...

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