i'm using windows xp sp1.

here is what i think is happening. opera is my default browser, so when i have just internet explorer open and i try $url it crashes. if i have opera opened it doesn't crash. if i have no browsers what-so-ever opened, it still crashes. this is completely reproducable when my default browser is switched to firefox and i try to get $url with firefox closed. if firefox is closed, like always, it runs error free.

don't know what would make my computer a special case compared to normal computers.. like i said, reproducable even with vanilla 6.2. you think maybe for some odd reason it may have to do with dual monitors? that's about the only thing kinda unqiue about my comp that i can think of.

edit: i just did the crash again watching it in the task manager. it doesn't do anything while in this crashed state. no I/O read or write byres, VM and ram usage stays the same, and no processor usage at all that i can see.

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