the new $url identifier added in 6.2 seems to work pretty good, but i have the problem where it causes a crash.

here's my scenerio:
opera is my default browser
i have firefox and internet explorer running
i do not have opera running

if i start opera, $url returns fine. if it's closed, mirc crashes. tested on both a highly scripted mirc, and just a plain vanilla install of mirc. reproducable on both.

my guess is that the function that finds the current opened url looks for a url, then doesn't find one. so it either doesn't return or returns null. then the other function that called it waits on a reply that it never gets, in the mean time keeping mirc.exe from processing any other commands.

complete guess though, but it doesn't appear to be an inf loop cuz the cpu usage doesn't go to 100%.

i haven't had time to try to reproduce in other ways, may try later. maybe this bug only appears if your default browser is opera, or maybe anything but internet explorer *shrugs*

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