In first place, I want to thank you for the replies smile

Unafortunately, I couldn't solve the problem with that ideas frown I tried all possible combinations of your ideas, but didn't work. I think the problem comes because what I'm doing is something like a Blacklist, so if I detect a user in it, I have to ban him; but it bans the old mask, not the new, and that's the problem I'm trying to solve.

I've tried:
  • /updatenl: Didn't work, still showing the old mask
    Who/whois the user and then proccess, neither worked.
    Using $ial/$address/$ialchan, all of them returned the old mask.

Hum, I think just got it :P

I set a timer to proccess after 250 ms., now it works, so it would be something like that:

alias ProcesaNuevaMask {
  echo -s New mask: $ial($1) :D

On *:NICK: {
  haltdef who $newnick
  .timercheck $+ $newnick -h 1 250 ProcesaNuevaMask $newnick

Thanx again laugh

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