That's the second time I post this question here, because the first time my post misteriously desappeared (don't know why, I looked at the rest of posts and didn't see a post like mine), so here it goes again...

I've programming an addon and I got a little problem: I have an On Nick event, and I would need the address of the user after nick changing; so I use $ial($newnick), but it doesn't seem to work (I think it returns $null). Also, if I try to do $address($newnick, 5), it still returns the previous mask.

I need something like that because some nicks have a virtual IP, so on a nick change I would need to detect it. Is there any way to 'refresh' the IAL in the same event, or something?

Thanx a lot smile

?? $ial alone needs a mask to execute its command then you can find the parameters that match that host through a loop through the nick list however... should you want just a $newnick eval of the $ial command do this

on *:NICK:{
echo -a $nick has changed their nick too $newnick ADDR: $ialchan($newnick,#,1)

this would display the code as follows when someone changes there nick

bot has changed their nick too bot1 ADDR: bot1!~mieahfsaiuheu@blahblah.com

if you need to use this EVAL later on just put the EVAL in a variable like

%ial = $ialchan($newnick,#,1)

this way youll be able to call the results later via %ial

then when your last call ends just unset %ial

if $reality > $fiction { set %sanity Sane }
Else { echo -a *voices* }