Thanks fiber you really saved me a headache. I managed to find a simple way of preventing others typing !serverstatus without being the channel owner:

First I loaded the script that you gave me onto one mIRC client and set the user as a channel operator "@FMP-Bot":
Script made by FiberOPtics @
on *:text:!serverstatus &:#: checkhost $2

alias checkhost {
  var %sock = $+(checkhost,$ticks,$r(1111,9999))
  sockopen %sock $$1 80
  sockmark %sock $chan $1 ->
on *:sockopen:checkhost*:{ 
  var %sock = $sockname
  msg $sock(%sock).mark $iif($sockerr,$false,$true - $sock(%sock).ip) 
  sockclose %sock

Then on the channel owner I used the following:
on 1:Text:*!host*:#:{
  .timer 1 2 msg $chan 4Checking to see if Titan is up...
  .timer 1 10 msg $chan !serverstatus
on 1:Text:*$true*:#:{
  .timer 1 5 msg $chan 3Servers Up!  Stop complaining about it now!
on 1:Text:*$false*:#:{
  .timer 1 5 msg $chan 5Servers Down!
on 1:Text:*!serverstatus*:#:{
  kick $chan $nick Only a channel owner is allowed to type that command!

I kept it limited to where, only a user can type a certain command and it will use !serverstatus on a specified address. Hopefully this will keep the channel owner only capiable of typing various addresses. Other than that, I still need to write the part where users can only type the command "!host" within a certain amount of time.

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