alias checkhost sockopen checkhost $+ $ticks $$1 80

on *:sockopen:checkhost*:{

  echo -a $iif($sockerr,$false,$true - $sock($sockname).ip)

  sockclose $sockname


Hey I'm tottally lost here.. I'm trying to figure out a way where I can ping the certain ip/port into the channel for everyone to see rather than using echo -a. Does anyone have an idea? I already tried displying it by $chan or $nick. I'd like to make it where it where you can tell which servers are up or down to others by $nick. But by using the on TEXT action instead.

Sorta like this?

;; Message the channel to tell it whether it's true or false....
on 1:Text:*!serverstatus*:*:{ }


<bot> msg $nick Servers Servers Currently Up
<bot> .timer 1 3 msg $nick Kastien: IP: Port: 7777
<bot> .timer 1 5 msg $nick Titan: IP: Port: 7777
<bot> .timer 1 5 msg $nick ETC: IP: Port: 7777

Can any of you please help me on this? it would be highly appreciated