Well I know they're not needed but I want it to be like that instead of typing "/checkhost google.com". Or atleast write a small script which responds to a typed command in the on text action. I'm trying to see if I can display whatever I checked to another user within the channel if they type something like !serverstatus. So thats why I want to use the on text action. $sockerr determines whether a host to be true or false. So it either displays:
$true IP

after I you type /checkhost google.com.

I'm just trying to find a way where I can display true or false to a user who typed a commands such as !serverstatus.


Assume someone typed !serverstatus and I checked the host from my client. How would I be able to send the $true or $false statement back to them?

on 1:Text:*!serverstatus*:*:{ 
  /checkhost google.com

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