Uh, just to point out a few things you've said.

Maybe doing it with a trick (by using /hsave and /filter or something)

No one even talked about saving the hash table.

I'm currently want to remove all items which has something* in thier data, but I have to use a while loop which scans the table using hfind (in order to get the item) and then I delete it.

So I'm quite aware of what you *were* trying. And I offered other ways to do it. You said maybe with an /hsave and /filter trick. So I looked into /hsave.

Now, since I've never messed with filter, you've made me look into it within the time I wrote this post.

/hsave -io hash_table_name file.ini section
/hdel -w hash_table_name *
/filter -xff file.ini newfile.ini *delete*
/hload -i hash_table_name newfile.ini section

This will exclude any lines containing "delete" (so make sure your item names don't match the stuff you want to delete in the data)


Edit: Sheesh.. typoes galore..

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