Well, here's my test:

Creating test window:
/window -alkCs @test
/aline @test this is a test
/aline @test this is another test
/aline @test I am testing again
/aline @test Are you testing?
/aline @test THIS IS A TEST
/set %text-to-find this is a test

//echo -a $fline(@test,%text-to-find,0)

That's the correct results for total matches. From testing it, I find that you cannot use a range with $fline. 1-100 will not work. Here's a simple loop to get them:

var %c = 1
var %i = $fline(@test,%text-to-find,0)
while (%c <= %i) {
  echo -a Line # $+ $fline(@test,%text-to-find,%c) $+ : $line(@test,$fline(@test,%text-to-find,%c))
  inc %c

That should echo your results for you and will not be case sensitive.

REMINDER: Without using *'s, this will search only for exact matches. If %text-to-find is "this", it will not find any matches. If you want to use partial searches, you have two choices...

1) In all your $fline sections, replace %text-to-find with * $+ %text-to-find $+ *


2) When setting your %text-to-search, use wildcards in it...


/set %text-to-search this*
/set %text-to-search *this*

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