As has been said, I don't have an objection to mIRC supporting some sort of feature whereby you can specify a protocol and a program as links, or if it supports every protocol (though how mIRC would define between iuergheiu:// and <realprotocol>:// I don't know).

Yes this can be problem sometimes, but how many times you type something like qwerty://something anyway. laugh
So it can return just a message like "Error unknown protocol" or similar... *shrug*

I do have an objection to mIRC solely adding support for such protocols as "ed2k://" or "dchub://", and I have explained why.

Well thats your freedom to like or dislike smile
I just personally dont see why it's that bad...
We could get the same effect by posting eg. http://myed2kpage.blah which would open browser and then follow those links from there.
imo following ed2k link and downloading those files using some other program is just bit different then using mIRC itself for downloading.

I would appreciate it if you didn't do such immature actions as typing the same line in different colours in any further replies.

Point taken though I cant quarantee it.... (if someone asks how to make script to display same line in different colors I will probably answer him/her if someone dont do it before me.grin)


echo -a $signature