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Title Forum Post Time
/fseek -n documentation Bug Reports 11/11/11 08:42 PM
$findfilen 16-bit int overflow Bug Reports 11/03/09 05:59 PM
Feature Removal: Track URLs Bug Reports 27/06/08 08:41 PM
Switch to prevent 2nd eval of /timer, /scid, /scon Feature Suggestions 29/05/08 02:36 PM
Hotlink parentheses issue Bug Reports 27/05/08 11:09 PM
Window position not saving for special windows Bug Reports 26/05/08 07:31 PM
mIRC "forgetting" window maximised state... Bug Reports 12/12/07 05:27 PM
Wildcard matching and substitution Feature Suggestions 21/05/07 10:49 PM
Identifier to get full pathname from $findfile/dir Feature Suggestions 10/04/07 02:54 PM
/dialog -s with menubar Bug Reports 04/04/07 06:42 PM
INI commands fail without errors Bug Reports 15/03/07 01:12 PM
Persistent hash tables Feature Suggestions 16/09/06 09:47 PM
$decode(...,m) not ignoring non-base64 characters Bug Reports 02/04/05 11:15 PM
Forum [code] tags bug. General Discussion 14/11/04 02:59 PM
$regsub() fails to match with '$' in sub-text Bug Reports 07/09/04 12:03 PM
/hadd -mN, Remote $cnick identifier Feature Suggestions 11/08/04 11:55 AM
MD5/SHA hash of installer on downloads page Feature Suggestions 11/07/04 04:37 PM
$ssl before any SSL connection is attempted Bug Reports 03/06/04 11:51 PM
Signal identifiers, $eval(blah, -N), mode parsing Feature Suggestions 02/06/04 04:14 PM
Forum Feature: Retain newlines inside [code] tags Feature Suggestions 17/04/04 05:58 PM
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