Ok, first let me say this is NOT mirc's fault at all. Now onto the issue. After installing Age of Mythology Gold, Ive found that my @windows font are changed to a different font. Now Im NOT sure what font cause when I pull up the font menu, it shows Times New Roman size 8 (the font and size I use). A simple fix was to tell mirc to /font @window 11 Times New Roman and it changes to the font size just fine. To those who dont know, when creating a @window WITHOUT using a specific switch (which I forget atm), size 11 in the above code equals normal size 8 font - Im sure somebody'll explain either the switch or a link to the info from here. This ONLY happened AFTER installing AOM Gold so I can safely say this is an MS issue, but I felt I'd mention it here in case others run into the problem and yes, that was the ONLY change (program installation wise) to my system. For what it'sd worth, my stats are:

win2k pro sp4, AMD XP 3,000+, 1Gig PC 3200 DDR Ram, Gefore FX 5600 w/256 megs DDR Ram and mIRC 6.16 (legally registered and only scripted on by ME).

I tried looking at MS's KB and came up with nothing (as of last night's search), but MS DOES have some mirc related KB articles in it so who knows if they'll get any new info in the future.


Using //echo -s $window($active).font shows Times New Roman but the size is off........... like if I wanted it to be size 8 it's now size 10 or so. Just felt I should clear this up a bit

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