it's really weird... I run prefectly for a while (mIRC 6.03)

and then suddenly my winamp script looses all skins from the menu, and I get an error that it can't read a file which contains all Slap protection triggers...

though when I manually access both files there is nothing wrong.

the scripts are fine, there is nothing wrong with those...

when I close down mIRC then it crashes

next to that I get errors that with creating new windows it can't open the log file.
does mIRC have a limit to the number of files it can write/read to or something? I'm on 5 server with a total of about 45 open channels, and maybe 5 query's.

it's win2k sp3, and I get this error in my logbook

Toepassingsuitzondering: Toep: (PID=1324) Tijd: 02-02-2003 @ 13:34:34.818 Uitzonderingsnummer: c0000005 (schending van toegang)....*----> Systeemgegevens <----*

(translated from dutch :-/):
violation of access to system data

mIRC is installed from a user account with admin access, and also used from this account.

any idea what is causing this? is this a windows problem or a mIRC problem???

hope anyone can help me...

Doqnach #Scripting helper

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