Ok the current format for $readini is:
$readini(filename, [np], section, item)
Now when storing a string like 5,4,7,2,45,45,1 or something to that effect it takes a little bit of scripting to get it in correctly.
What i was thinking is what if you could do something like..

$readini(filename, [np], section, item, wildstring, N, C).wildtok
$readini(filename, [np], section, item, N, C).gettok
$readini(filename, [np], section, item, token, N, C).instok

Although i do know you can do:

$gettok($readini(filename, [np], section, item), N, C)

..and you get the same effect.
Even if there was another way of doing 'hybrid' comands. it would be something interesting to see and even to use. and hopefully streamline code.
Maybe even not have the commands even made iwth each posibility, but with the possiblility of mixing and matchign the comands to do the werid and mysterious.