I had problem when using /editbox. I.e It only send the last command for the loop given below
while (%cksend < %t ) {
inc %cksend
if $did($calc(7+%cksend)).state == 1 { editbox -n /msg $did($calc(7+%cksend)) $did(2).text }
E.g %t =10
/editbox will send the value of the id for every loop execute
if cksend now is 1, and $did(8) = aaa, then
editbox -n /msg aaa $did(2).text
if cksend now is 2, and $did(9) = bbb, then
editbox -n /msg bbb $did(2).text
and so on so forth, but the editbox could only execute on the last loop.