The events which should be handled by the gadgets in the dialog windows don't all work, namely rclick, drop and uclick on listboxes and other gadgets, btw the drop event does not work even for the dialog window it's self.

The documentation on these gadgets is lacking, unlike with the rest of the mIRC interface's documentation for events and so on, there no explanation on what types of values are available to the scripter when a certain event is caught, like rclick, drop etc.

It is real groovy that one can set the windows environment volume for waves mid etc, will the developpers be able to add functions to mIRC that will allow us to set the Bass and Treble levels in windows as well? This would be very usefull.

Will the development team revise the documentation on the dialog windows and the gadgets and improove upon the documentation's quality as not to have something that looks like something they don't wanna develop? (namely linux code, this documentation reminds me of the man pages that tell ya the switches but it's up to you to figure out the rest)