Hey, I don't know if this has ever been posted before because this is my first time to this board but ever since the selction for enabling the firewall has been a drop down box, this bug has existed. The problem is that the drop down box only shows 3 choices and does not have a scroll bar. When you first go to the tab for the first time and press the drop down box, the options you see are: "None", "Server", and "DCC". It does not show the "Both" option and does not appear that there are any more options. However, if you select something other than none. Then the next time you press the drop down box, the choices will be "Server", "DCC", and "Both". But you will not be able to see "None". I found this because I accidently set the firewall and then I could not connect. I looked back there and did not see a none feature. I set it to "DCC" so I could at least connect to the server, then later, I tried to DCC Chat my eggdrop bot and I could not DCC because the firewall was on "DCC" (here I was still thinking that my only options were server, dcc, or both). After a little searching, and reading the help file, I found a way to turn off firewall on DCC using the /firewall command. When I looked back in the options, it said "None" was selected. So I realized what was wrong, pulled it down seeing none, server, and dcc (no both), then tryed just using the up down arrows to move up and down and was able to access all 4 options. So basically, that is my long explanation of my bug which simplified is: The firewall option drop down needs to fit 4 items, or needs to scroll so you can see all options. smile

EDIT: Ahh, I read on the last page of this board and found that this is in fact posted. It says that it does not happen on all operating systems so I will just let you guys know that I am getting it on the latest version of mIRC on Windows 2000. I do not use the firewall option so I need no further help, just informing wink

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