Here's how to reproduce:

Get a friend to send you a file say file.txt .
After the get is completed, ask the person to send the same file again, but closing the Send dialog immediately after it has opened. Wait for the DCC Get to time out.

DCC Get dialog shows this:

Requesting resume
DCC Get of file.txt from e|c0n timed out
Connection failed

My friend was using 6.03, while i'm using 6.12

I tried by doing the same thing to 2 irc clients on my system, both 6.12. the same thing happened, except that on the sender's client, this appeared in the Status window:

(15:53:10) DCC Resume from e|c0n rejected (invalid parameters)

If my memory serves me right,

DCC Get of file.txt from e|c0n timed out

used to be displayed in the Status window, not in the DCC Get window. Correct me if I'm wrong. smile