Just some FYI for those who don't trawl all the websites...


* Easynet in the UK, removed because of fears about kiddiepr0n etc.

* ircnet.secsup.org in the US, owned by UUnet - according to the opers in #irchelp, this server, already down for several days, is not coming back.

* irc.za.ircnet.net was delinked at the end of September, since not enough users were joining during its test period.


* a new server has been linked from Belgium (ircnet.realroot.be), with IPv6 users from 2001::/16 able to connect to irc.ipv6.realroot.be

* a new server has been linked from Estonia (irc.starman.ee), accepting connections from Estonian IP blocks only, and also supporting IPv6.


IRCnet.org is reporting that UK users left homeless by Easynet will be able to connect to irc.snt.utwente.nl, and in future possibly through irc.ludd.luth.se.


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