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#37465 - 04/04/04 09:01 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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Since mIRC is stable how can something be more stable?
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#37466 - 04/04/04 12:22 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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Funny .. I've had this error maybe twice in the past 3 years, and not once since upgrading to 6.14

How do you figure the problem is an mIRC problem?

I had the same amount of trouble with pIRCh a couple of years ago (almost none, but a couple of times).

I personally think it's an IRC/winsock error, and don't worry about it. But it's definitely NOT just an mIRC error.
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#37467 - 05/04/04 12:54 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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i'm glad you found an IRC client you are happy with that resolved the problem you were having. But please keep in mind that if this problem were totally due to mIRC and had no relation to anything else, it would be happening to everyone all the time. It isnt and doesnt, which tells me the issue is more complex than simply blaming one piece of software.

There are also numerous problems than can cause 10053, this thread focuses on suggestions when it consistently happens to some users only while dccing and doesnt address other common causes for that error
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#37468 - 22/04/04 08:58 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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Hello everybody! I'm kind of a newbie at mIRC, but I have made a few observations, and possibly have a solution:

I recently installed mIRC 6.14 and had not at that point had any preious version installed. I soon started notising the 10053 error and it didn't just affect mIRC, but as DC+ and my FTP client. So I uninstalled mIRC and everything went back to normal. No errors and no dropouts. I figured it had to be some kind of error during the installation so I tried again. And what do you know? The error returned... I then tried updating, and tweaking everyhing on my computer (drivers, windows, network settings etc), but norhing helped. I uninstalled again and gave it up for a while, but then I got thinking that maybe it wasn't a bug in my windows (XP by the way) but in mIRC, so I thought of trying a older version (5.81) and everything worked! No error ever! Later I tried formatting my harddrive and installing a clean windows and then version 6.14 again, but the error re-appeared. With 5.81 it works just fine.

And here at last comes my point: Most likely, in this case, it IS a bug in mIRC that causes this problem, but since people have comletely different setups of their network/internet access, it doesn't always show up, or it shows up in completely different ways. This has to be one of the hardest bugs to crack, ever!
I have seen this bug earlier in different prorams/enviroments and it has usually been related to one or more of the subjects mentioned earlier in this tread (and others), such as firewall settings, MTU, lease time of IP adresses etc., but this does not seem to be the case here. I'm not trying to place blame, just trying to suggest where to start looking for the problem.

My advice to all you out there with this problem is to try different versions og mIRC until you find one that works for you! wink

#37469 - 23/04/04 05:15 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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05:56| * [10053] Software caused connection abort
05:56| * Disconnected

I am not really finding a pattern to these disc, except some incomming from the irc server itself, or those related ports,
then * Disconnected.
When polling server users,
they mentioned, it was on some servers,
while they were still connected to other servers they freq np,
but they were getting disc on all the time on another at the same time.

Personally, I don't use DCC *ignore* all!
I wish this was resolved or anyone finding any indicators to this issue?

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#37470 - 30/05/04 02:55 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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I get this error ONLY when trying to connect to criten.net. I have no problem with any of the other networks. I actually got through for about 1 minute today, then I got that 10053 msg again. I re-tried like 50 times, but I could not connect. I disabled the WinXP firewall and shut down my internet security program. Still no dice.

Explain that one.

#37471 - 30/05/04 03:16 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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That network is mostly well-known for it's file sharing channels. Therefore, if you're mass file trading (particularly big files on a slow connection) that could well be the source of the issue. If you think this is the issue, stop file sharing smile

If it's not that, and you're using Criten to chat, then perhaps it's an issue with the server you're on and not your end. Perhaps the server is being attacked. Try using several different servers. Alternatively, contact the network administration and see if they can offer further advice as to why it may be only Criten causing you this issue.

Best of luck.


#37472 - 03/06/04 02:39 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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I probably should have made this post earlier, but I want to share a small little script I use that keeps me from getting the 10053, and I used to get it several times a day on one network (Freenode) What happens is Freenode hardly ever sends out the PING event, and so mIRC doesn't get a chance to send anything to the server. I fixed this by pinging the freenode server every 10 minutes, then ignoring any reply.

This is what I have in a blank remotes file:
on 1:CONNECT: { .timerserverping. [ $+ [ $network ] $+ . $+  [ $cid ] ] 0 600 sendserverping }
on ^*:PONG: if ( $1 == $server ) haltdef
alias sendserverping { .raw PING : $+ $ctime }

Since I have been running this (or some variation) I have only had a 10053 once. So this won't work for every situation, but it has been good to me.

Alternatly, if you use some lag meter, as long as it checks the lag for each network, that would do the same thing. Basically, sending something to the network fairly frequently, but not too frequently (my code is once every 10 minutes).

For a cut and paste way, just paste the following into any window:
//writeini pingserver.ini script n1 on 1:CONNECT: $chr(123) .timerserverping. $chr(91) $chr(36) $+ + $chr(91) $chr(36) $+ network $chr(93) $chr(36) $+ + . $chr(36) $+ + $chr(91) $chr(36) $+ cid $chr(93) $chr(93) 0 600 sendserverping $chr(125) | writeini pingserver.ini script n2 on ^*:PONG: if ( $chr(36) $+ 1 == $chr(36) $+ server ) haltdef | writeini pingserver.ini script n3 alias sendserverping $chr(123) .raw PING : $chr(36) $+ + $chr(36) $+ ctime $chr(125) | load -rs pingserver.ini | .timerserverping. [ $+ [ $network ] $+ . $+ [ $cid ] ] 0 600 sendserverping

This just makes a script of the code I gave above it. Completly multi-server safe, even the same network multiple times. This really is just a silent option to having a timer send some lines to a blank channel

#37473 - 06/06/04 11:48 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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I found a solution for IRC hanging on DCC. That might be also the solution for this problem. It's a Winsock problem.

Save your IP configuration somewhere and reset Winsock for XP with this tool: Winsock XP Fix 1.2


#37474 - 21/06/04 09:41 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
tallus Offline
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ok I was having the same trouble for about a year, I turned off all remote scripts last friday 18-6-04, and haven't been disconnected since ... it's now monday 21-6-04. I hope this helps somebody else out, it has certainly worked for me.
Tallus :-)

#37475 - 10/07/04 06:05 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
dethvegetable Offline
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Loc: brooklyn heights, new york, us...
after fighting with this tedious 10053 error for 2 months, we have a working solution at least for Win2k Professional using a common cable/broadband modem (rcn).
We added several tcp/ip parameters to the registry that normally are not present on OEM & retail Win2k versions, but are common on the enterprise server OS, SB Server & the venerable NT3.5 & 4.0 systems.
Since this error is obviously caused by a SYN/ACK parameter change in winsock, which we believe is a result of one if not several hastily issued critical updates from Microsoft, the easiest way to correct it would be to modify the now-inadequate tcp/ip packet parameters.
All of the TCP/IP parameters are registry values that are located under one of two different subkeys of
Adapter Name\Parameters\Tcpip
A total of 9 new parameters i added, and upon reboot, my 10053 error that occured every 10 minutes was history. I've been connected to efnet for 28 straight hours since, with no errors. The entire registry mod takes less than 10 minutes.
email me for the full document on this registry fix.
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#37476 - 14/07/04 03:16 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
sharas Offline
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Windows XP and (or 2k) has the MS Windows super duber think what safes the internet connect. The killing of idle connections.

#37477 - 02/08/04 09:12 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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I tried your suggestion tonight, and it worked. The reason why I found this forum thread is because I finally thought of seeing what this software abort thing may be due to, and how it might be fixed. So I used google to search and came across this thread.

Auto-pinging the server at certain time intervals and anti-idle scripts didn't make the problem go away at all. But backing up the remote script to some storage directory (just to keep a copy of it), and then clearing Mirc's remote script completely really worked. I wonder how you managed to come up with this idea of clearing the remote script. Impressive....because it certainly worked to fix up my problem as well.

Thanks for your time to mention this. Much appreciated.

#37478 - 28/08/04 03:55 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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well last year i posted saying i was getting this prblem with windows 2000 when i installed it the secound time due to hdd fail but when i went back on windows 98 it worked great.a few months later i installed a new gcard witch need 2000 so i put it back on thinking oh here we go its gona disconect soon as i get a dcc but nope never did.I had 2000 on for a few months and bough xp so i stuck that on thinking it will work but nope disconnects every dcc so i had to put 2000 back on.this is wierd thing and i think the only way to solve it is to install your OS and if it doesnt work do a rienstall and it may work.with me i got a feeling it was when you installed xp or 2000 soon as you connect to the internet i was getting the virus like veriants of msblast that send itself to others and soon as you install mirc and and get a dcc its disconnecting your connection due to its getting lagged and hammerd by this virus and you using your connection.i use 2000 and soon as i install it i get zonealarm up then i connected to the net and update 200 with all latest patches and it work fine for me i hardly get discoonected from mirc and if i do my dcc is still downloading.Hope this help people but from my experience its chance if this happends.

#37479 - 11/09/04 07:31 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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Which clients did you use??
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#37480 - 14/09/04 12:31 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
Dj_fantasy Offline
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wow man!!! thanx it worked, I fallow y0 direction! im still connected I've went to da http://us.mcafee.com/virusInfo/default.asp?id=stinger, found a virus! deleted suddely! my mirc has not 10053 error, software caused connection abort, dam man! I formatted my computer like 6 times today! scan for sum virus on norton! found like 7 virus! don't know the hell why, plus did a scan on housecall! dam virues drives my nuts! anways, I would stay connected on mirc like 30 sec, then lag, lol I would end up having 9 names lol crazy stuff, thanx again! hope that'll always stay like that

#37481 - 29/09/04 11:27 PM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
joedoe Offline
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how many of you are running p2p software while using mirc? as i think this is were the problem is. i use bearshare, and evrytime i use it, mirc starts disconnecting. maybe someone attacking your pc from p2p servers.

good luck

#37482 - 10/10/04 03:55 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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I just wanted to add what I experienced with this error as well.

I kept getting this error over and over and could not figure out why. I could not connect to any server from the start. I would always get the 10053 error.

After not finding any solutions, I reinstalled XP. With nothing else on my PC, except for mIRC, the error disappeared. YAY!

I then proceeded to reinstall all of my programs. After installing McAfee 8.0, mIRC stopped working again, and I was back to the 10053 error. I then uninstalled McAfee 8.0, and Bam!, the error disappeared. I am reverting back to McAfee 7.0 because I never had the 10053 error when using that version.

Just wanted to add this to the list of possible problems. There could be possible conflicts with you AV software.

#37483 - 14/10/04 12:36 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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I had McAfee version 8.0 Enterprise edition (my school gives us copies as part of our technology fee) and it would not let connect, uninstalling it fixed the problem. Going back to AVG.

#37484 - 14/10/04 10:51 AM Re: 10053 error, software caused connection abort
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It could be an issue with xp2 and it's new security feature to limit half open TCP connections.. Check out this page..

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