I've mIRC working behind a HTTP Proxy (Squid) and configured for Firewall (Proxy) support both DCC and server.

DCC Sends works fine trough the Proxy. But DCC Gets does not. mIRC receives the sender request but the connection doesn`t start (connection timed out) Well... I checked my open connections (netstat -a -n) while trying to receive a file an got this:

My-Lan-IP:2020 DCC-Sender-IP:4695 SYN_SENT

Shouldn't mIRC send SYN,ACK packets to my proxy instead of trying to reach the sender directly? I think the correct status with nestat should be:

My-Lan-IP:2020 My-Proxy-IP:80 SYN_SENT

Then the proxy would acknowledge the connection by itself. Anyone knows if this behavior is correct? Or am I doing anything wrong?

My Firewall rules matches the mIRC port packets, no problems with that.

Sorry for posting this twice, but noone seems to care back in the other forum.