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#33169 - 30/06/03 03:04 PM Command to maximise status window?
littlecramp Offline
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Is there a command to maximise status window?
Where can I find unlist command like 'who'

#33170 - 30/06/03 04:18 PM Re: Command to maximise status window?
Raccoon Offline
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To maximize the status window, you can use the command: /window -x "Status Window". Here is an example of a script that maximizes the status window on startup.

On *:Start: {
window -x "Status Window"

This can also be acheived by simply maximizing the Status Window, right-click it's switchbar icon, and from the popup menu select: Position > Remember. The Status Window should always open Maximized when you start mIRC.

You can find more commands like /WHO, usually by typing /raw HELP. Depending on the IRC server you're on, this list of commands may be nicely formatted, or it may not be. Most of the commands are usually for Opers Only. Try /ircintro and /help Basic Commands first. You may also find some useful information at http://www.irchelp.org/, like here.

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