(1) Can [recent] be given the same behavior as [channels] by allowing it to be edited by Notepad or writeini/readini?

(2) And can the behavior of [recent] be modified so that joins due to Favorites autojoins or "keep channels open" or "rejoin when kicked" be exempt from affecting the [recent] list?

Either that, or change the max number of channels in the Favorites List per-network to be increased above the current 20, based on how many channels at that networks are being autojoined.


The Favorites list in mirc.ini [chanfolder] and channels.ini [channels] has always been able to be edited with Notepad or /writeini or /remini, and the changes are immediately seen and honored by the Alt+J manager, and the edits stay there when the manager writes its own changes to disk.

But doing the same kind of edits of the new [recent] or the old [chanfolder] doesn't show in the tools/favorites/history listings, and the edits are all gone from disk the next time a channel-join gets added to [recent] or exiting mIRC.

By being able to edit the [recent] list the same way the old [chanfolder] and new [channels] can be edited, a script can make the [recent] list more useful. Such as letting someone script something to remove the active channel from [recent] after you /part it, or adding a join-recent popup in the channel window menu itself instead of using the top menubar/tools.

Also, it would enable scripting the selective deleting of test channels or typoes from history that now push something else off the [recent] list before it deserved. Or, being able to prune the freenode channels off the [recent] list, or zap channels from other networks that you don't plan to ever visit again.

This #2 change would also make the suggested join -h more effective, and is described in more detail in that post.

While the top menubar currently has a "clear history" choice, that wipes the entire list, so the only other way to remove selected channels from [recent] is to edit the list while mIRC is not running.