In a #channel window, when you have the 'keep open' setting enabled, you get timestamped "* Disconnected" and "* Rejoined" messages that let you see which window(s) of time could potentially have messages you missed. But this would also be useful for query window too, where currently you can't look at the query window to see if you had disconnected after it opened, without scripting it.

Similarly, for both Query and #channel windows, it would be useful for the "Session Time:" line sent to the logfile is also sent to the #channel Query windows too. As things are now, in low volume channels it can be hard to figure out which day a message was made in without including the day as part of the timestamp, or by slowly paging through the history to see how many times the clock circled. And when you have a Query window opened 3 days ago, it's hard to tell whether a message was made today or 2 days ago, without opening the logfile to look for the midnight message.

I'm ambiguous whether it's needed to include a 'noon message' for those whose timestamps use 'hh' instead of 'HH', or just go ahead and have a twice daily 'session time' message for everyone.