1. For the options hiding behind the hamburger icon, underline the key-letters to indicate the presence of the undocumented hotkeys for Add Edit.

2. Add another item behind the hamburger icon to 'clone' the visible serverlist entry. This makes it easier to add multiple server addresses for the same network GROUP without needing to manually fill in each blank, or using notepad to add the new item.

For example, I was given an o-line at a network that was valid only at 1 of the servers, so if I connected using the round-robin address, it was a dice-roll whether I would be oper. But if that 1 server was down, then I couldn't connect at all.

So, the solution was to add the individual server to the GROUP while retaining the round-robin item as a fallback for when the 1 server fails.

However, in order to add the new server address to the GROUP, I had to ADD the new item, then input every field, including editing the port from the 6667 default, as well inputting the non-global client certificate, and the password or other login-method settings. I ended up editing servers.ini in notepad in order to have a modified clone of the round-robin entry without risk of making a typo.

To avoid confusion between editing a clone vs editing the only copy, there probably should not be a hotkey for this choice, and the titlebar should say something like 'clone server' instead of 'add server'. And the new item wouldn't actually be added to the serverlist until <enter>.