Hello, I've been using mIRC on and off for a little while, and have downloaded maybe 20 books or so that I couldn't find elsewhere.

I'm about to go on a hunt for quite a few older books not readily available, and I have a question about the text results we get once we've searched an ebooks channel.

I recall that a few years ago I was using mIRC and I added a tool (addon?) that did some *really* useful things to the results text files. From memory, it was searchable by file extension (?), and I think there was the ability to more quickly copy/paste certain results. It certainly presented the results in a much better format, and perhaps did a little auto-sorting as well.

To be honest, I remember it was a GREAT help at the time, but today I cannot for the life of me find this or anything similar as an addon or script.

I even remember there being a nice set of instructions to make it work, and even as a total newb then, I had it up and working promptly.

Can anyone point me to what this tool might have been? Does it ring any bells for anyone? Sorry for being so fkn vague about it.

Cheers, Matt.