As often happens, there are users who don't use the beta's, so none of the changes end up on their radar screen until the new release.

This time, one of the issues is the consolidation of the serverlist down to 1 window. One person's main beef is that it no longer shows them the tree view, which makes it harder for them to handle networks where there's more than 1 server in their server list.

I've confirmed there's a problem with this by doing the following. From the fresh install where the n0 item is dalnet, I used notepad to clone the n0 item, then copypasting it to be a new item at the tail end of the list, so that I could make sure the new entry used the exact same spelling for the GROUP field and everything else, except for a slight change in the server address.

I confirmed that the 2nd dalnet server was not combined with the original dalnet entry in any way, but was the final item in the dropdown list, with 153 servers sandwiched between. It appears that the only way to get these items together is to either manually edit the servers.ini which would involve editing all n123= numbers between the origin and the destination, or else use the 'sort' button which is usually undesirable because your active networks are no longer at the top, and it would be rearranging a lot of things just so you could relocate 1 of 2 servers on a network.

When I add a new server using the interface, it does the same thing, putting the new item at the tail end, regardless whether GROUP is left blank or not.

Also a problem is that the description field is now treated as a required field, with the exception that the way to keep the description out of the dropdown list is to change the description to 'Random server' which causes the description appended to the 'Group' name to be skipped. I don't know if there are any other magic words that get special treatment.

It seems reasonable that the 'Group' field should continue to be used as part of organizing the serverlist for fresh added items, and adding a new server with the same Groupname should cause the new server to appear on the list next to the existing items sharing the same Group name.

It can be confusing for noobs that the interface tells them that the Group field is optional, even though there are many situations where it determines the value used as $network, making it more important to have a Group than a Description. Perhaps there should be 2 'add' choices, with one of them being to add the new server with the Group being blank, and another choice being to add an additional server to the Group containing the highlighted item or added as a cloned item.

Perhaps there should be a tooltip inside the editor to give more info about what the Group field does, because it probably will be a problem for someone to be adding several different networks with all of them having the Group field be blank.

It would be helpful for the open area below the selected drop item to be an area containing text of the details for that server, so people don't need 2 clicks to see it, and a 3rd click to dismiss that popup, before they can look at the next item. Maybe even a 'goto' item that would let you move something to position 99 instead of clicking 'down' 98 times. Currently the only way to see what's what from the menu is to have a lengthy description containing a repeat of the $servername $port etc

Additional choices for the serverlist window could be choices for 'move Group up 1', 'down 1', 'to top', and 'to tail'. Clicking 'sort' is something I've never used, because blending active servers who were moved-to-top-on-connect down into the middle of an alphabetic list isn't helpful. But that's currently the only way to move things around. Maybe 'just sort the ones below the cursor'. If I connect to several other servers while looking for a specific IRCD to test something and it moves them to the top, but I don't plan to ever go there again, there's no way to easily undo the arrangement to get things back the way they were.

Not only that, but because the Group field is treated as optional, but the Description field is treated as required, this will probably result in users leaving the Group as blank then filling in the description as the name of the network, then getting confused in the aftermath of 'sort' when they can't find their server because it was sorted down to the tail end along with all the other servers whose Group name was blank.