Is this an intentional design that the $2- portion of $1- is not filled for the label portion of a popup menu?

When I alter the label for the default give-ops popup in the nicklist menu, while it does request the server set mode +o for up to 3 nicks, the menu label from using $1 or $1-3 or $1 $2 $3 or $parms are all identical, in that they create a label which shows as if only the 1 nick is being given ops.

I assume this will be backwards compatible with the possible exception that someone was using $1- and would now have a menu stretched wider than before, but I assume that anyone using $1-3 in a label was wanting to see all the nicks that would be affected by a command. i.e. you can use ctrl+click to have 2 nicks selected, of which 1 of them might not be visible.

.Op $1 $2 $3 (1-3) $1-3 (1-) $1- (parms) $parms :/mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3