Khaled: I hope you'll allow this post which is all about celebrating one of (mine and others) most loved and still usable mIRC script.


Hello there!

I'm new to organizing something like this, but don't want to let it go by unnoticed. PnP 4.22 - Peace and Protection scripted by pai - will be 20 years old on Feb 28th 2022!

She's aged like fine wine lads and lasses!

I've shared most of my plan here: , but I just wanted to say: come join #peace&protection on EFNet on Feb 28 2022 if you want to talk about pai's legacy:

General talk:

- How long have you been using PnP?
- What features have you used most?
- What features would you like to see added?
- How did you come about PnP?
- Interesting, funny or informative anecdote involving the use of PnP?

Contest talk:

- Volunteering for being a judge (x2 needed)
- What other criteria should there be for judging splashscreen and theme?
- Do you have an idea about (other) prizes? Want to be a sponsor of a prize?
- Do you want to help with organizing this contest?

So yes, there'll be a contest (with three categories; CAT 1 add-on, CAT 2 splash-screen art, CAT 3 theme) starting on this date and running till Feb 1 2023. Winners will be announced on Feb 28 2023 at 20:00 CET.

See you in #peace&protection!

kind regards,


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