I have a routine that opens several /sockopen -e in sequence and I notice that mIRC stores the certificates in servers.ini.

The problem is when you put to accept the certificates automatically and mIRC is recording every time in servers.ini for each new request.

This is not cool, especially for HD. My routine works every 3 minutes for multiple https.

mIRC should create a hash table and keep the certificates in memory and when mIRC is closed, at that moment it should save the certificates in servers.ini.

I went to monitor the folder where servers.ini and mirc.ini are, both are updating whenever /sockopen -e comes into action and servers.ini receives a new writing with the certificates.

This didn't happen in mirc version 6.35, from versions 7.x I noticed that. This is very harmful for HD, especially in my routine in a short space of time.

I hope you understood.