Respected Khaled. You recently fixed and implemented (so far in beta) the long-needed ability to display icons in the list of open windows set for custom windows. The request was here: #Post269359

This works great and nice looks:

    [Linked Image from]

Is it possible to go further to provide us with an opportunity an option to customize and change icons for any windows open in the list, such as: "Status/Channel/Query/..." ?
Or at least to was able to assign your own icon to a specific type of window. For example, for all existing and in the future open private (query) windows, etc.

Possible commands:
//window $qt(Status Name) [iconfile [N]]
//window #Channel [iconfile [N]]
//window Nickname [iconfile [N]]

Likely that some new -switch or other command might be required to do this. And also the ability to do it through the window pop-up menu on right-clicking. Thanks.

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