Dear mIRC User,

mIRC v7.66 has been released today.

This is a small update that addresses a number of issues reported by users since the last release. It includes improvements, changes and fixes to a number of features, including:

Added MDI area background color option to Colors dialog to allow users to change brightness of MDI area.
Changed the editbox/nickname list line separator color so that it matches current theme.
Changed /window -h to support hiding status windows in both the switchbar and the treebar.
Changed channel and query window icons to make them more distinctive.
Added colors dialog default/undo buttons to allow reset/revert of color settings.
Changed /server to prioritize group name over server address to handle server group names that contain periods.
Changed parsing of /mode commands that use combinations of +ovh to ensure compatibility with recent ircd changes.
Fixed maximized MDI window duplicate icons bug.
Changed tab completion to leave in place non-existent/empty identifiers/variables.
Fixed select folder bug incorrectly filling in filename as a *.* wildcard.
Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.

How to upgrade?
mIRC is distributed in an installer that installs mIRC on your computer for you. Simply download and run the installer from the download page on the mIRC website. Follow the instructions the installer gives to you. When upgrading all your old settings and scripts will stay as they were, if you want that. Read the questions the installer asks with care and nothing can go wrong. You will be chatting with the new mIRC in no time. If you get stuck or if you want to find out more about a certain feature, just click on a Help button or browse the Help file and you should find lots of hints to help you out.

Where to download?
As always, the latest version of mIRC can be downloaded from the download page on the mIRC website.

Registering mIRC
As you know, mIRC can be downloaded freely and evaluated for 30 days. If you find that you enjoy using mIRC, it would be great and much appreciated if you registered your copy. This licenses you to use your copy of mIRC and helps to support our continued work on mIRC. You can find out how to register here.

Full list of Fixes, Changes and Additions.
For a more detailed list of recent changes, please see the whatsnew.txt file. You will need to read through the help file to learn more about these changes and their impact. Some changes are obvious, some need getting used to - please take your time to play with them and see how they work. May we invite you to use these forums for all questions you might have? The forums offer great help with everything related to mIRC!

Thanks for using mIRC, have fun on IRC!