I have a script saving the information of a user when logging into a channel using ircCloud

Josef=J Josef!uid244513@AzgedaIRC-986B5A42.irccloud.com 1623339086 #volwasseklets
and later use different nick like
Muis=J Muis!uid244513@AzgedaIRC-986B5A42.irccloud.com 1623339086 #volwasseklets

I need to find the lines containing !uid244513 and play all lines in a channel containing that portion. I have tried various methods adapting this script with no success


on *:text:!uid244513:#: {
var %x = 1
while (%x <= $numtok($strip($1-),32)) {
var %y = 1
while (%y <= $lines(seendata.txt.txt)) {
if ($read(Seendata.txt, %y) == $gettok($strip($1-),%x,32)) || ($read(Seendata.txt, %y) == $gettok($strip($1-),$+(%x,-,$numtok($read(Seendata.txt, %y),32)),32)) {
play #cloudusers ???
inc %y
inc %x

or if someone can help with a sort of AKA script fo ircCloud users