Hello mIRC community and thank you for having me as a new member!

I hope this message finds you all safe, well & healthy during this Covid-19 pandemic....

It's been 12 years since i was messing about with IRC and hosted my own network and created my first IRC channel and network services robot using mIRC connecting to the IRCD via sockets etc as a service rather than a client.
As i find myself with lots of spare time at home at the moment i decided to get the network up and running again, hopefully meet some new faces with the same old skool interests like myself. I have dusted off the cobwebs for my "SysOP Channel Services" script and decided to convert all data it used and commands into mySQL and web driven, so we can control the mIRC service via the web or any device really.

SysOP like traditional services offers all the same features as NickServ, AuthServ, ChanServ, Global services for nickname and channel protection.

SysOP has in depth HELP menus for all commands and detailed information. Each command is also protected by user level either at a channel level or network admin, operator levels etc.
[Linked Image from btctech.co.uk]

SysOP can also have unlimited commands using the aliases.db we can create a command alias and forward arguments etc for example to give a user @ (operator) status in a #Channel we might use .op Borderlad
but we could create an alias call .borderlad /msg SysOp BORDERLAD which would perform the same as .op Borderlad and so on....

arg=Borderlad rules and we should respect his authority...

The command above will have SysOp say "Borderlad rules and we should respect his authority.." in the #Channel it was performed by typing .borderlad

There are many more features from account and channel settings to global network settings, juping "creating dummy users/networks" adding autoop to users in channel when they login and much more.

Wide range of admin settings and features -
[Linked Image from btctech.co.uk]

Various Channel Settings & Statistics-
[Linked Image from btctech.co.uk]

I wanted to share the script with everyone and allow anyone who wants to try it out a shot at running it while im around to help out.

I am starting to create mySQL settings so you can connect it to your own SQL databases and link it into its own webportal so you can also run and monitor the service for smart devices.

Feel free to see the service in action for yourself at irc.btctech.co.uk:6667 or contact me if you would like me to package it up for you to give a try for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome new features would be great.

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