I suggest creating a new identifier $icon() – for to search for the existence of icons in a file and extract information about them by disassembling the file into parts. Because there seems to be nothing like this.


filename – path and name file.
N – index number of the icon. Will show True or False depending on whether there is such an index or not. If N = 0, then show the total number of icons in the file.


.size – shows the size of the icon in pixels.
.weight – shows the weight of the icon in kilobytes.


/set %ipath = C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll

//echo -a $icon(%ipath,0) – $icon(%ipath,145) – $icon(%ipath,8).size – $icon(%ipath,21).weight

/return 321 – true – 32px – 2.38Kb