Signing in after over 4 years of no activity in order to make a suggestion for retaining more than 1 backup, relating to this thread:

  • User selects to backup their existing stuff
  • Setup does a check of backup count
    a.) If !backups, goto the next dialog and skip the rest of this
    b.) If backups >= 1, show another dialog:

    There %is/are% currently %x% previously stored backup(s). Would you like to:

    :::: Add a checkbox here which says [ _ ] Clear All Stored mIRC Backups .
    :::::::: If checkbox == &true&, gray-out the Overwrite Last Backup button below

    { Overwrite Last Backup } { Create New Backup }

    c.) If the user selects to overwrite last, or they've selected the checkbox to clear all, intervene with:
    Are you sure that you want to permanently remove %the last/all% previous mIRC backup(s)?
    { Yes } { No }


Not sure if this is "too much", lol, but it does extend more options to the user, and solves the previous issue from the older mIRC flavors. Storage capacity concerns are almost a non-existent issue these days as far as mIRC backups go smile Heck, you could even, if you so desired, add a button like "View Previous Backups". But, this might be a little too over the top for an installer lol crazy

Anyways, that's all I got!