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$ial().gecos and $ialchan().gecos not working #267782 27/09/20 12:24 PM
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Ameglian cow
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Ameglian cow
Joined: Oct 2017
Posts: 41
I was trying to use $ial(nickname).gecos on network that has UnrealIRCD 5.0.6 but doesn't working.

$ial = $true
/ialfill #channel
//echo -a Result: $ial(nickname).gecos -- $ialchan(nickname,#channel,1).gecos

It works for other properties but not for .gecos

/who #channel (debug)

@label=0042 who #channel
@label=0042 :IRC.Network.ORG BATCH +xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT labeled-response
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel Username D134C51B.4CEA8426.269A76A2.IP * test_bot Hs :0 Fullname
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel Dune2K_Bot 980419D2.A358DE48.D91A5E6B.IP * Dune2K_Bot_ Hs :0 Dune2K_Bot
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel bot services.Network.org * OperServ HB*&@ :0 Operator Management IRC Service
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel lol I.Would.Like.To.Kiss.You.But.I.Cant.Tell.Me.Why.Not.My.BaBy * lol Hrs* :0 :: 4Oti Arxizei Me XARA Telionei Me KARRA ::
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 352 test_bot #channel Dune2K_Bot 980419D2.A358DE48.D91A5E6B.IP * Dune2K_Bot Hrs~@ :0 Dune2K_Bot
@batch=xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT :IRC.Network.ORG 315 test_bot #channel :End of /WHO list.
:IRC.Network.ORG BATCH -xB3q0IsQlAd1QcpcsYsnnT

Tested network: irc.unrealircd.org:+6697

Using win10 + 7.63

- laugh

Re: $ial().gecos and $ialchan().gecos not working [Re: DooMaster] #267788 27/09/20 05:20 PM
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Khaled Offline
Hoopy frood
Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 4,933
The reason for this is that /ialfill will not allow you to repeatedly refill the IAL if it is already full, ie. contains addresses of all of the nicknames on the channel.

The IAL is usually filled with nicknames and addresses when you join a channel on networks that support the IRCv3 extended-join token. If a network does not support this, the IAL will not be filled.

No other details are filled, since these are not provided by the network on a join.

If you want to update other properties in the IAL, such as .gecos, and the IAL is already full, you will need to use /ialclear and then /ialfill.

Note that if you do this too often, you may be disconnected by the server, especially on channels with large numbers of users.

Also note that .gecos, .away, and .account can change, so the IAL may not always contain the latest information. Except on networks that support the IRCv3 setname, account-notify, and away-notify events, in which case the client will receive notifications of changes to update the IAL.

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