When I write a script and it gets big enough, then in this script it is rather difficult to navigate in order to quickly find the right place in the block and to fix a bug or add new lines of code.

Please create a dividing line in the script editor to make it easier to navigate and visually separate the different blocks of the huge script.
Turning on and off, as well as setting the thickness and color in the $rgb() format of horizontal lines can be placed in the editor options.

The horizontal line should automatically appear under the last curly brace "}" of each individual script block, and of course, when copied, this line should not be part of the text code.
Note: if a block of code (alias or handler) consists of only one line, then the dividing horizontal line can be omitted.

This will make writing the script much more convenient and not have to draw text strips between the blocks:

alias test1 {
  /echo -s test1 1
  /echo -s test1 2
  /echo -s test1 3
alias test2 {
  /echo -s test2 1
  /echo -s test2 2
  /echo -s test2 3

An example of how it might look:

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]