There is this nifty feature that lets me decide whether I want to see Joins/Parts/Quits in a channel or not...assuming I didn't pick one globally already.
Every year, around the end of the year, I join the CCC channels on and disable those three events for their event channels to keep them tidy.

And every year I wonder: why is there no easier way to do this?
I can set this on a per-channel basis (which is a bit of work every year, since their channels change; but works for the remainder) or globally (which I don't want, for most other servers I'm on.)
I can not set this on a per-server basis in the Server dialog, so it applies to all channels joined on that particular server.
(Also, this might be a bug, known thing or just working as intended, but: Changing this setting for a channel does not make it go into effect until the channel is rejoined.)

My proposal would be to add the "Events..." System Menu option to the Server window (in addition to the Channel windows) to set those options on a server-level.
For every option, Channel wins; and if there is no opinion use the next higher setting. Previously, this would be the global setting in "IRC", with this proposal it would be the server-level setting. And if the serrver-level doesn't specify anything, it still goes to the global one.
Picking "Default" does the same as on the channel, "I don't care, ask someone else". Up until global settings if necessary.
Same for picking "In channel", "In server", "Both" or "Hide".

I've just considered writing a script as workaround, but I'm not sure if that is sustainable long-term, so I'm hoping this will be considered smile