what I want to do...

first- if you search for hashtags on instagram, it tells you how many have been posted (eg, #fishes, 817781). I want to pull this number for some hashtags. will the sockets set of commands do this?

second- there is another site, siteworthtraffic.com. it givs you traffic stats for websites. I'd like to pull some of the stats (daily stats section) info for a few websites, from siteworthtraffic.com. will sockets do this again?

the structure of both sites is totally different, so don't know if sockets can accomodate that

third-.. pulling the number of followers from twitter accounts

they will end up in a text file and I'll paste them into excel or something

mIRC was something that came to mind. unless someone knows of a different way to read off the data in another program?