I've been playing with WXS from MS and have put up sample code at https://github.com/acvxqs/RoadRunner to showcase how you can roll a msi file to help distribute your own customized version of mIRC. (mIRC.exe not included!)

I'm by no means an expert, just a tinkerer and the reason why I'm posting it here is because I hope it might lead to a renewed interest in scripting in mSL and specifically the creations and distribution of those behemoths that are known as "(full) mIRC scripts". Who knows, maybe you like this idea!

If you don't trust running the .msi file in the repo, you can:

1. Inspect the included RoadRunner.wxs file yourself;
2. Obtain and install WIX Toolkit (https://wixtoolset.org);
3. Optionally add the bin directory of WIX toolkit to your PATH variable and;
4. Roll your own msi, by running: "candle.exe RoadRunner.wxs" and then "light.exe RoadRunner.wixobj";

Note: It only installs to the current user profile. It places a shortcut in the Windows start menu.

Feedback appreciated!

To do:
1. Block running RoadRunner.msi if msi is already installed;

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