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#265522 20/05/19 11:24 PM
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Ameglian cow
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Ameglian cow
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Github for Chromium DLL for mIRC

Here i compiled the Chromium CEF browser that was
designed as a DLL to work with mIRC.

the original project was hosted on sourceforge, by
the looks of it, it was by the original creators of DCX
(ie twig and ook), with credits going to other people.
Original Project Source

I had a lot of difficulty compiling it using the modern
community versions of visual studio, and I figured if
anyone else was going to try, they would likely have the
same problems I did. (as other users indicated on

For such a neat and useful project/goal, I hate to see it
retired to obscurity, so i threw up a few pointers on how
i compiled the source code, and i also included the DLL's
as well, so people might not have to go through the pains
of compiling the code.

It does appear to have some javascript capabilities, but
they might be limited. I haven't had a lot of time to
experiment with it yet.

I had contacted twig/ook a while back about using the
DCX webcontrol, and that made use of the Internet Explorer
control. This however makes of the chromium web control,
so this might be favorable to some.

Here you can download the files:

DLL files for testing Chrome browser DLL for mIRC

Source code for DLL's

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Pan-dimensional mouse
Pan-dimensional mouse
Joined: Mar 2006
Posts: 395
Awesome that you've found this... I remember when we started this... It might have even been me that suggested it (although I wasn't able to actually program it back then).

I did write some doc's (dunno where they are now)

Have you changed anything?

From memory, it was relatively easy to crash if you were just loading random sites.

mChef had execScript support like nHTMLn, and if you see screenshot 5, that window is entirely HTML, using a mIRC script to pass things to JS, and JS to pass things to mIRC.

Congrats on getting this to run. If it's stable/updated to the latest chromium, I'd be very interested in playing with it!

Edit: One of the things I absolutely loved about this, was that it embedded the browser, rather than using the operating system's one.
...as well as Chromium shitting all over IE.

From memory this would still use WebKit rendering engine

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