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#265011 - 14/02/19 02:26 PM Adding Channel In Default mIRC List ?
Fahad_Mehar Offline
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Registered: 24/10/15
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Hello, What If my channel #ChatWorld add into mIRC Default channel list?

#265012 - 14/02/19 02:56 PM Re: Adding Channel In Default mIRC List ? [Re: Fahad_Mehar]
Loki12583 Offline
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Registered: 22/01/04
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Why? IMO this list should just be removed.

#265013 - 14/02/19 03:28 PM Re: Adding Channel In Default mIRC List ? [Re: Loki12583]
maroon Offline
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Registered: 12/01/04
Posts: 1149

The fact that #Windows95 is still listed makes me wonder when was the last time there was actually a change to this default list.

#265016 - 14/02/19 05:11 PM Re: Adding Channel In Default mIRC List ? [Re: maroon]
Raccoon Offline
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How freaky this thread was started as I was working on my giant post about the same thing, since late last night. I ran a bot to join all 80 channels across 16 networks.

Fahad_Mehar: #Chat-World is already in the list, just FYI. You might move your channel over. It already exists on 8 other networks by this same name.
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