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#264137 - 02/11/18 11:22 AM /inc bug related to if
FroggieDaFrog Online
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This probably falls under the "use brackets" rule put forth in other bug reports where conditionals are involved, but figured I'd submit this so its documented.

In instances where an if statement has multiple conditions, a following /inc command will result in an error if brackets are not used:

; * /inc: insufficient parameters
if (a == a && b == b) inc %example

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#264139 - 02/11/18 02:31 PM Re: /inc bug related to if [Re: FroggieDaFrog]
Raccoon Offline
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I would also recommend against that particular form of parenthesis as it is also somewhat ambiguous and difficult to parse. mIRC prefers:

if (a == a) && (b == b) inc %example  or optionally
if ((a == a) && (b == b)) inc %example
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#264140 - 02/11/18 03:00 PM Re: /inc bug related to if [Re: FroggieDaFrog]
Khaled Offline

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Yes, this is the same issue as discussed in your previous thread.