At present it is not possible to check whether e.g. a file is actually writable without actually attempting to write to it. You cannot get information about whether the directory permissions allow you to write in the directory or whether file permissions allow you to write. You can only check whether the file read-only attribute is set.

It would be great to have an identifier or property (e.g. $file(filename).perms) which allows you to check the NTFS file system permissions (for current instance of mIRC i.e. running on a user account with / without elevated permissions) for a file or directory.

We could e.g. have a new property for $file e.g.

which returns letters indicating whether user has e.g.
  • Full
  • Traverse/Execute file
  • List/Read data
  • Create files/write data
  • Create folders/append data
  • Delete
  • Delete Subfolders and files
  • Owner

I haven't included the less common ones like read/change permissions or read / set (extended) attributes or Take ownership, because they are less used (and because mIRC doesn't have any commands to read or change them) but these could easily be added to the above list.