Dear khaled, I have two great demands to make you.

I would like to ask you if in the next versions of mIRC, in the following window "mIRC Options> Sounds> On Event, Play sound:" you can add a button called "Trusted" (like the one in the DCC section). This button should allow you to choose which nickname to receive NOTICE with more precision.

I ask you this, because being NetAdmin, every time someone connects to the network, UnrealIRCd shows this NOTICE:

[23:04] *** Client connecting: nickname (~userID@*-*-*-*.*) [*. *. *. *. *] {Clients}

and mIRC issues its Beep. I would not like to disable NOTICE in general, because the NOTICE received from normal users are different from those of the Services.

In the "mIRC Options> IRC > Show in active window: add the option to choose "Show in Windows Status." In this way you can choose to receive the Services NOTICES such as NickServ - ChanServ - MemoServ - BotServ HostServ - OperServ - Global and all others in the Windows Status window.

I sincerely hope in your listening.

Thank you for making mIRC.