Right now, we can customize menus/popups for channels/query, status, the nicklist and on the general menu bar; as well as for custom @windows, but it is not possible to customize the menu that pops up when right-clicking an URL.
It just shows hardcoded "Open Link", "Open Link in new window" and "Copy Link".

I propose a new identifier "menu link" (or perhaps "menu url"?) which allows us to add new things at the end. It works just like any other menu (such as "menu channel" or "menu query") and lets us append items with varying level (based on leading full stop count).
It could also be a...lets say, static member in the Script Editor on the Popup tab with View > Link or so.

The least this new identifer should allow us to do is retrieve the link itself (which I believe should be able to use $hotlink), but I certainly wouldn't mind if it included more context info like the full line (perhaps $1-) or origin/location ($nick, $chan, etc).

One of my use cases here is running an URL checker first (which does a HEAD request, checks the content type, then tries to read the <title> etc.) before clicking anything that sounds suspicious; which at this point is a separate toggle that enables a region which then uses on HOTLINK to trigger the aliases. Which works, but at this point is an either-or; I'll have to toggle it on, click the link, toggle it off and click the link again if I deem it ok.
It would be a lot nicer if I could just right-click, "Check Link" instead (which would also open it up for a few other possibilities which would otherwise overlap with multiple active regions handling on HOTLINK).