Hello all,

I'll keep it brief. For ProvisionIRCd I'd like to make SSL support.
To be fair, I have no idea where to start. I spent many hours searching but it's unclear what information I must send/receive.
So far the only results I get is $+($chr(22),$chr(3),$chr(1),$chr(2)) from mIRC, so I figured I had to return something upon receiving that, but so far no luck.

if ($1 == $+($chr(22),$chr(3),$chr(1),$chr(2))) { 
    sockwrite -n $sockname ... what?

I hope I explain this right, it's pretty confusing.

From what I understand, mIRC sends SYN, ETX, SOH, STX to my IRCd. Not sure if that helps anything.
This is the basic idea: http://pastebin.com/iRTw1v22

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